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  1. The binary (pre-compiled release) version uploaded on github is the limited one. Does the source has all it takes to build the Full version ?
  2. Seems like posting a thread for each dead link I'll find is no productive.. So here's an AIO which I'll try to populate as my little contribution to a great tool that might needs a little maintenance.. Main Menu > [version#]: - Test Build (refferer-restricted policy timeout) ref: thread 14017 - Check for Update (refferer-restricted policy timeout) ref: thread 14017 Main Menu > Downloads: - Language Packs (suggestion: provide the official MS link as well: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/14236 - Integration > Theme Packs (dead link. Redirecting to MS's main "download f
  3. http://testing.wintoolkit.co.uk/ won't load, giving a no-referrer-when-downgrade response. =>
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