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ImageX Double-click and Right-click Mount Scripts

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I have created a file type for ImageX files (.wim) such that when you double-click, you can get it to mount read-only, read-write automatically or to display info. Here are the registry entries that put a right-click command for Info, Mount read-only, and Mount RW. It runs the respective scripts which are available for download here:



You need setx.exe command for it to work.

Double-click wim image for info.

Right-click --> Mount to mount image as read-only. Do again to unmount. If setx variable gets messed up, option to reset variable.

Right-click --> Mountrw to mount read-write. Do again to unmount and it will ask to commit or not.

Right-click --> Apply to apply that image. The command script for applying comes up with this file in the source. Just fill in the rest to apply.

You need to import these registry entries and modify the paths to point to the location of these command scripts.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="ImageX File"

@="C:\\Program Files\\Windows AIK\\Tools\\x86\\imagex.ico,0"



@="\"c:\\program files\\windows aik\\tools\\x86\\imagex_dapply.cmd\" \"%1\""





@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Windows AIK\\Tools\\x86\\imagex_info.cmd\" \"%1\""




@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Windows AIK\\Tools\\x86\\imagex_mountro.cmd\" \"%1\""




@="Mount RW"

@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Windows AIK\\Tools\\x86\\imagex_mountrw.cmd\" \"%1\""




If you want to add "Capture" to the right-click menu of your drives so you can capture them, then add this registry key (and modify the paths of the scripts):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="ImageX Capture"

@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Windows AIK\\Tools\\x86\\imagex_dcapture.cmd\" \"%1\""

Report and bugs or problems.

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