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Introduction Thread - I am Xeodox


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Hello all, I go by the alias xeodox but you can call me Dox.

I Figured, before I go asking how do I this that and the other thing that I would introduce myself.

I'm please to see such a productive forum and DEVS. I have a lot of reading to do [ I read and try many things before asking ]  :type:  :type: 


I hope I can somehow help within the community, I already have plans on donations. I would wish for someone to PM me, about something that is not discussed in the privileges section in the donation description.


I'm not really a Windows 8{.1} guy, I feel the nerd-ism urge to want to learn more about it, and "integrate" with it the best that we can. 


Although I am very new to using tools like this Windows Tool Kit of yours, I am extremely interested in learning as much as I can. So please bear with me, and we together will make this valuable community more productive than ever :)


I am not sure of my place here yet, :tumbleweed: nor much about using the program { a few specifics } but it will all fall into place!





(P.S. I figured I should upload something to test out the forums systems)





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