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[Repack] CPU-Z 1.71.1

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hi bro, i'am new in here. i'am newbie :D
i want to share my repack prog. Yes, CPU-Z :)

Source: cpu-z_1.71.1-en.exe
About: CPU-Z is a tool that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system.


Removed CPU-Z ia64.
Edited cpuz.ini file for disable Auto Update--> CheckUpdates=0

File name: cpu-z_1.71.1-en-repack.exe
Size: 1,85MB

MD5: E344C966CACC675DC99B3DDCE9E0D486
Download: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/7cbd1998

Edited by kanyos

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Updated version 1.69 :D


Changelog v1.69:
Added AMD A6-6420K, A4-6320, A4-4020.
Added AMD Athlon 5350 & 5150, Sempron 3850 & 2650 Kabini.
Added Intel Core i7-4770R and Core i5-4570R Crystal Well.
Added graphic card vendor.

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