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Skins for Ad-Aware SE Personal


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^_^ Hallo

I just read that one of your group members

wrote there was 11 skins for Ad-Aware SE Personal.

Well - I did not know there was so many -

Did only know about Yellow Sky and Greyscale

(And I think default look better then those)

But I do like Medium Blue. and have that on instead of default.

But other skins ...

Where can I find them ?

I only know about LAVASOFT

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I only know of a couple good vista ones for 1.6


Do you want for 1.6 or 1.7?

Hallo Ricktendo64 !

I have again installed 1.06r1 Personal

... As 2007 did not work so well on my Vista

- So I would like skins for 1.06r1 Personal - Thank you.

(I like MediumBlue)

And are interested in others !

Best wishes


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