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Share configuration ?


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I'm not relly interested in learning how to customize the installation, but i'm looking, if it's possible, a saved configuration, that i can open with the software, load my win7 iso, make it light weight and the install it.


this is coz i cant find a lite version of win7 sp1 ultimate x64


if anyone can give me a hand i would appreciated.




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I have to ask why you want a "Lite" version of Win7, especially if you use the Ultimate version anyway?  NT6 versions of Windows do not work the same as NT5 versions, ie Win2K and XP.  "Lite'ing" them using official methods do not make the install source much smaller, but rather just prevent features from being installed, making the installed OS somewhat smaller.  Even then, if you ever need a feature in the future, due to some other app you later install for instance, adding the required feature back in can be a pain.  With the systems of today having so much more RAM, CPU speed, and HDD space compared to older systems, even if you did save a couple of GB in installed space today you wouldn't really notice the difference in day-to-day use.  Not compared to the old XP and Win2K systems where every MB made a measurable and noticeable difference.  Today it is easier, quicker, and more reliable to simply disable the features and services you don't need right now.  They can then simply be re-enabled if/when you need them later.


Besides which, even if anyone else had a "lited" version of Win7, they would not be able to share it here.  Any distribution of copyrighted material through unauthorized channels is considered warez, and it is against board policies to distribute or discuss warez material.  If you really want a "lited" version you will need to learn to make your own or look elsewhere.


If what you are asking for, which I think you are, is if someone wanted to share their .INI files and/or scripts so that you could use the same version of the same tools they use and your own Win7 source and keys to make your own "lited" version, I don't see a problem with that, but if you haven't learned how those tools work yourself, then there are a lot of things that can go wrong.  In my opinion, a "How To" tutorial would be a better thing to share.  And my above question of "Why?" still applies.  Just sayin' ...  Anyway, if this is what you were looking for then this thread should probably be moved to the Win Toolkit subforum.  Let me know if that is what you want to do.


Cheers and Regards

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