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"ei.cfg" adding own install option?


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If you delete the ei.cfg you can choose wich edition of windows 7 you want to install.



--> Is there any way or tool to creat an adition "edition" like windows 7 light or the "N editions" (without WMP) to the option as well?





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AFAIK, if you create or obtain such a different version, and then merge it into the .WIM, then it should show up if you run the installer and you should be able to pick it.  This is the method used to create the 11-in-1 or 40-in-1 type .ISO's you've probably seen or heard about.


As long as you then want the choice of choosing which version you are going to install you will need to keep ei.cfg deleted.


Cheers and Regards

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Thx bphlpt! :D


after a little research i maybe found out how the install works....


In the source folder of the install image are .clg-files... Maybe these files are the key....


They are named install_Windows 7 *EDITION(N)      -> The N is in the N Edtion install disc....


So how can i create and modify these .clg files..... Are they .clg files determin what to install like services and future (IE, Moviemakter, etc)???





You simply can merge the two install.wim files (i used the WinToolkit to do that) in the source folder to get it done.....



But how can you add one you own create?


Based one Win7 HomePremium I want to add an Windows 7 light (with comes not with IE, Paint,.....)... But it should use the Win7 Home Premium licence .....But the normal Win/ home Premium install option should be untouched..... Is that posible?

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