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[Instructions] WinCert AddOn Posting


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AddOn posting instructions:

1st the Post Tittle...

- Try to maximize space but post the name, version and date of release/update of your program addon so it fits in the tittle example

[AddOn] My Program v1.2.8 (June-22-07)

Converts bla to ble

Now the required contents of your post

- Post a screenshot of your program addon (You can upload a screenshot to WinCert or you could use a free Image hosting website like Imageshack)

- Now followed again by the Program Name, Author and Version

- Download Link

- MD5 Hash (I use HashTab Shell Extention)

- Size of the addon

- Changelog (describing any small changes you made)

Here is a quick example:


ViStart Build 2489 created by Lee Mathew Chantrey & Windows X



Size: 265 KB

Website: http://www.lee-soft.com/vistart/

Download Skins: http://www.lee-soft.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=9

WARNING: Don't remove too much start menu stuff with nLite, like Help and Support & Outlook Express because the program might not run.



- Updated Build 2489

- Removed Startup shortcut, does not startup on 1st login (use the program's options to set it to start up)


- Updated Beta 5 (no more splashscreen)

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