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Automatic driver installer


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I'd like to get more informations about this feature, since I didn't find anything in the guides section.

If I understood correctly, when a "drivers" folder is found in the root of the install drive (or any other drive), the script is launched.
It will install only the drivers in that folder that are actually needed by the system. Is it correct?

1) May I ask how is that achieved? Does it have something to do with the SAD2 script?
2) It sounds like a big improvement over integrating the drivers directly in the image. I mean: no integration time, no conflicts, less bloated image, and only the needed drivers will be actually installed.


3. Is there any particular reason to still integrate drivers straight into the image? Except very special cases like usb3 drivers integrated to install windows from a usb3 port and take advantage of its speed.

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1. When you save an image a WinToolkitRunOnce.exe gets added. It is then ran straight after Windows installation. It scans all the drive roots for a folder called 'Drivers' and will attempt to install all the infs. \it quickly skips over the ones which don't need installing.


2. All the points you made are true.


3. If I do integrate drivers, it would only be the system/chipset ones. :)

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