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Windows Mail (Activator/Enabler)


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Outlook Express, to put it mildly, is not the ideal mail client, but it was (and still is - for users of XP and earlier versions of Windows) popular due to ease of its using and because it is integrated into the operating system. We know that it has been replaced with Windows Mail in Vista, but this "new" mail client is not much different from OE on the interface and functionality. The buggy Vista had not have long life and finally gave way to Windows 7. It has been decided by Microsoft to deactivate WinMail and to promote Windows Live mailer instead. However Windows Live is also retired today...


So with this addon you don't ADD Windows Mail, actually you will just Activate it / Enable it.


This addon enable default Windows Mail without any Vista file:


1.) Download 32-bit :: needed file coming from Windows 7 Milestone 3 build 6730.1.winmain.080612-1840

Size=2.73 MB | SHA1: 71f0507f681f9c7b68b9dc1d6b6569c8b0b11c35


2.) Download 64-bit :: needed file coming from Windows 7 Milestone 1 build 6519.1.winmain.071220-1525

Size=3.55 MB SHA1: c305bcaee2806624294957778b1c246c293a2ab6


These Addons are only intended to be used for Windows 7 and Windows 7 SP1, but not for Windows 8.x.

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