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Add Updates etc to Multiple Win7 Versions in a .wim

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Hello Guys


Looking for some help.


I have the latest Win7 ISO's. My goal is update the ISO's so after I burn a copy off

and install a verson of Win7 on a PC is in an updated state complete with all drivers.


So far I have Downloaded Win Toolkit and read most of the online manual.

I also have the 32 & 64 bit drivers from the latest driver packs and all the win 7

updates. I am using the latest win 7 ISO images which I have unzipped to access

the wim files. In each .wim in the ISO there are multiple versions of the OS.


I have learned how to load a single wim file and add drivers, updates etc.


My question is:


  1. Do I have to add drivers etc to every win7 version in the wim file?

    This replication of the drivers etc make the ISO huge!


    Thanks Darc   

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