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Office 2010/2013: Few help for unattended config.xml


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Can anybody help for customize the setup.xml for just few things ?:

1. EULA-Stuff already accepted

2. Setup start in matched system language

3. I can install in all languages i can choose (eng and ger)

(Means the setup start in English, but i can also choose only German language install)


Thank much for help!


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are you targeting volume or retail?


with volume you open oct with the command line setup.exe /admin and you create a .msp file with keys(kms/mak) and other settings and then run that file by setup.exe /adminfile="path\filename.msp"


for retail i'm sure you can use the same thing (not 100%) and due the setup and have a script to activate with a key the user enters.


google search for activate office 2010/13 by command line. you'll find the command lines to due this.

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yea, oct can pass that step, hince its related to activation.


it will also allow you to choose what gets installed, shortcuts, outlook profiles, etc etc.


only real issue I've ran into is that for AIO setups you still have to select what product your installing (office/visio/project) as I'm still looking for a switch to fix that one.


Just a side note for updates on office 2013 my folder is 1.55 gigs after downloading from WHDownloader and it adds a TON of time to install when in the updates folder. I've found it faster to install the updates after office is installed using my own batch installer.

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Thank you, one thing i found:


<!-- <Display Level="full" CompletionNotice="yes" SuppressModal="no" AcceptEula="no" /> -->


change to:


<Display Level="full" CompletionNotice="yes" SuppressModal="no" AcceptEula="yes" />


That skip the eula. :)


Now i make some experiments with the language lines..

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I've noticed that all customization interests in any and all forums that I have visited for Office 15 deal only with the VL msi editions. I wanted a retail Office 2013 Home and Business, but, M$ in their infinite genius only delivers it and all retail versions with Click-to-Run. I can't count the ways I hate C2R, however, I believe M$ will persist in making it the defacto standard for installing retail versions of post Office 2010. It was the sole reason I did not perchase Office 15. I have a nice msp created with OCT for 2010 and the only way to customize retail Office 15 is to modify each and every xml file in the relative directories in the downloaded/saved files....I think-never tried it...yet. So, was wandering if anyone has tried to customize the C2R installs and how they fared.

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