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Silent installers with multi ISO USB stick


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Hello all,


I have integrated a lot of updates in my Windows 7 installation. I also have donwloaded a .NET framework .exe with all updates (SLIM installer from Ricktendo) and added this as a silent installer.

Everything is working great when I mount the ISO to a virtual machine and install Windows 7. The installer is running fine and .NET framework is installed.


When I use an USB stick with Easy2Boot on it to install the same ISO however the .NET framework executable isn't installed afterwards. I assume that this is caused because the WinToolKitRunOnce.exe isn't able to find the .exe, because after Windows is installed I just have a USB disk with some ISO's on it in a folder structure.


Is there another way to make it possible to install software like the .NET Framework?


Kind regards,


Jeroen Bonenberg

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