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Req Help Integrating IE11 and all Updates into Win7Pro


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I have been playing with this for almost a month but cannot get IE11 to install during set up. It will install by running Win Update after the reboot but not by itself. This is for a school computer lab. It would make it much easier to have a disc we could pop in and automatically setup the computer while we work on other issues.


What I am trying to do:

Make a generic install disc for Win7 Pro that will finish with .Net 4.5, IE 11 and all current updates to be installed automatically. I have gotten everything to work except the IE11.


What I have tried:

Viktor's update split steps method

Mooms' update packs GDR silent install method

I have all the updates that are required, though there seems to be a lot of variance in this forum on where they should placed

Literally dozens of variations on these: full SP1 disc, win7pro only, stripped down versions, added extra drivers first, disabled extra services and removed various unwanted features.

Tried winreducer also and it would not auto install IE11 either


If someone could upload their ini/wccf file from a working install or a working iso I would greatly appreciate it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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