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first time xp cutomization


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hi,guys and gals, im a rookie retiree with a new interest in customiizing a window xp pro os.i've made a fisrt desktop build,however this is much more complicated and i need to ask for some help and direction. i have a dell optiplex 755 with 32bit xp. this computer is a rebuild i bought on amazon. under properties it says sp3, but i'm not sure. in the add/remove i see  microsoft.net framework 1.1

       microsoft .net framework 2.0 sp2

       microsoft .net framework 3.0 sp2

       microsoft .net framework 3.5 sp1

       microsoft .net framework 4 client profile, no referance to sp3. i've read that sp2 supercedes sp1 and sp3 supercedes both sp1 and sp2. as well i've run across a post in the wincert forums of an (unofficial), whatever that means, windows xp sp4. so im left confused on this and was hoping someone with some tech knowledge can give me some advice on what group of .net framework packages will give me a strong foundation from which to cutomize my xp. also i've been reviewing the impressive list of add-ons from the wincert list. any help or advice you can give this old rookie wil be greatly appreciated

   thx  dewitt

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Welcome to WinCert!


Those are all the correct .NET frameworks that you should have installed.


SP3 will not be shown under Add/Remove. but if you right-click "My Computer" > Properties, SP3, if it is installed, which it very likely is, will be shown there.


Unofficial SP4 is a collection of all of the post-SP3 updates in a single package for ease of install.  If you are someone who usually likes to install all of the updates that can apply to your system, then this makes it easy to do that.  If instead you like to pick and choose and only install the minimum possible updates, then you might should pass, but read up about it to see if you might change your mind.


Cheers and Regards

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