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RT7Lite - This program might not have installed correctly


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Hi use WinToolkit to add last updates of Windows Windows 7 Pro x64.

Than i user the RT7Lite to make some tweaks.


In the end of installation of Windows 7 Pro x64 i received the following message:


This program might not have installed correctly


Reinstall using recommended settings

This program installed correctly



Can some help to understand this message and resolve it?






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I don't think you'll find many folks here that can help you that still use RT7Lite.  it hasn't been updated in many, many years.


It's main feature, of being able to slim Win7, hasn't been as necessary anymore either, due to the current sizes of disks and the speed of today's CPU and memory.  It's annoying I know for Win7 and later OS to be as bloated as they are, but they're usually "good enough".


But if you want to slim Win7 and later, you might check out a more current tool such as NTLite.  It works on Win7 and later, can slim as good or better than NT7Lite, can work on live and offline OS, etc, etc.


Cheers and Regards

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