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Sardu MultiBoot USB Error


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I have an BCD Boot error with Sardu. I have read so many things about it, but don't know how to fix it. I have made me with WinBuilder a Win8.1PE-SE and Win7PE-SE. Win8.1PE-SE ISO is named winpe3.iso and my Win7PE-SE named Win7Rescue. Is that the error? Can I add these PE Isos in Extra/Add with Grub?


I often read, that I have to change the bcd Boot File, but I don't know how. Can I do this with EasyBCD or Bootice?


The Error is a black screen Boot/BCD Error.


What I also don't know is how to add more than 1 Win7Setup. If I have one ISO with Windows 7 x86+64 my .wim is more than 4GB. Is that possible?


My last question is how to boot with USB HDD. Are there some difference?



And sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand me.


And thanks before.

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