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[AddOn] building one for .NET Updates post-AIO

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Can I use DXUPAC to build a 7z AddOn to integrate XP x86 source with AIO and the POSReady .NET updates?


I've looked for an example but haven't found ... is there a link to an example of how OnePiece/NonnoFabio built the .NET Addons?


I'm familiar with DXUPAC using regular patches. For .NET patches do I feed the several type-2 exes along with a copy of that odd file, msipatchregcleanup.exe?


(with regular patches, I rename the output folder from UpdatePack to AddOn, rename entries.ini to entries_EOL.ini, edit the title= and description= lines in said file to show AddOn, compile the Addon foldler in 7z, and feed it to RyanVMI as an Addon... it builds good systems with regular patches)


When I start with an XPsp3 x86 source and RVMI in OnePiece AIO with the regular (not .NET) POSReady patches, the system installs fine.


When I add an Addon for the .NET updates, the install crashes. Installing from WinSetupFromUSB v1.5 to fresh HDD, the install crashes about 30 seconds after the 1st reboot. On reboot, Grub4Dos switches over to part 2, and the GUI starts ... it switches from the dark screen with sliding blue balls to a lite blue screen with hourglass, just before showing "windows is an exciting experience" or something), then the system reboots and the cycle repeats in endless loop.


One Piece and Nonno Fabio prepared AddOns for .NET packages, so there's a way to do it. Is there a post where he teaches how? He mentions that there may be some catch points in building a .NET AddOn. Something to do with GDR branching and QFE branching, about which I know nothing. Way back when, there was something about a reboot requirement as well, or someothing.


But, maybe OnePiece discovered the solution for GDRrrrr branching and other catch points for .NET AddOns inside his DXUPAC?


The post-EOL updates for .NET are type-2 exes (open yellow box icon), and come with a msipatchregfix-x86.exe (type-1) that does "patch reg cleanup."


KB2931365 (NDP4, MS14-026, May 2014, replaces none)

KB2932079 (NDP20sp2, MS14-026, May 2014, replaces none)

KB2894842 (NDP4, no MS#, Sept 2014, replaces 2901110 and 2656351)
KB2894843 (NDP20sp2, no MS#, Sept 2014, no MS, replaces 2656352)
KB2972105 (NDP20sp2, MS14-057, Oct 2014, replaces 2633880)
KB2972215 (NDP4, MS14-053, Sept 2014, replaces 2898855)
KB2979574 (NDP20sp2, MS14-057, Oct 2014, replaces none)

KB2979575 is shown on MS14-057 for NDP4 on Server03sp2 systems, which as regards updates I gather is similar to XPsp3. But it is not included on the XP Embedded list. It is rated critical, remote code execution.

The .NET POSready patch files include


along with companion file

X86-all-msipatchregfix-x86.exe    130,600    10/23/2012 19:15

(it has many names)


DXUPAC on the above includes


along with

HotFixInstaller.exe    322,720    09/03/2014 23:23


POSReady files available from https://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Home.aspx, enter XP Embedded in search box


Thanks if you can help! The crash is demoralizing

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