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Create an AIO-Image where i can choose the image (Win7/8/10)?


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I'v problem when I try to make an AIO-Disk (for example mix Win81 Enterprise+Pro, that I cant choose the image.

I allways have to putt serial first then i can start the installation, - its that normal? What i made wrong?


How its possible to create the image where I can choose the image where i want to install (example when i remove ei.cgf in windows 7 install medium)?


Thanks in advance..

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Okay, found solution:

The part it was needed was:


Next you will need to create an Ei.CFG file, Copy and paste the following into notepad and save as Ei.CFG


and place file in sources folder C:\win81aio\win81\sources
EI.cfg Will allow you to install any of the editions without having to enter a product key first


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