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Error during ISO build


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EDIT - whoops, I meant to post up one level as this is 1.5.4.. can someone please move? Thanks!

F:\7Toolkit>chcp 65001F:\7Toolkit>Set SEE_MASK_NOZONECHECKS=1F:\7Toolkit>"C:\Windows\WinToolkit_Temp\cdimage.exe" -L"Shrike_Gen6" -m -o -u2 -udfver102 -h -bootdata:2#p0,e,b"C:\Windows\WinToolkit_Temp\BIOS.com"#pEF,e,b"C:\Windows\WinToolkit_Temp\UEFI.bin" "F:\7Toolkit\_WorkingImage" "D:\shrike_gen6.iso"OSCDIMG 2.56 CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Premastering UtilityCopyright (C) Microsoft, 1993-2012. All rights reserved.Licensed only for producing Microsoft authorized content.Scanning source treeScanning source tree complete (1995 files in 319 directories)Computing directory informationComputing directory information completeImage file is 5338038272 bytes (before optimization)Writing 1995 files in 319 directories to D:\shrike_gen6.isoReadFile failed (\\?\F:\7Toolkit\_WorkingImage\autorun.inf, off=0 len=800 status=103)Error 87: The parameter is incorrect.

Checked the autorun.inf and it looks fine to me.. I can't find any issues. Builds just fine in AIO and WIM rebuild returns no errors. Any ideas? This is a pretty hefty install of 7 Ultimate, but it's far from the biggest I've done.

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