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iso selected, empty window


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I'm trying Win Toolkit to create a Win7 x64 image with integrated updates.

The first issue, however, is that neither my Dvd, nor a downloaded official Win7 iso appears in it.

(see img. I've also tried my user folder)


Is this normal? I'm using Vista x86: could this be the problem?

(Dism is installed)



I've also noticed other errors:

- the program freezed while copying the dvd files to the hdd (I had to do it manually). :o

- it randomly crashed too.

- the temporary key suggested to get the official iso didn't work (but I already had one).




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It works on Win8.1 x64: it must be a Vista problem.


Btw, is it true that the KB patches must be ordered (how?) manually for a correct integration? O_o


Also, where can I find info about the various Tweaks?

I wish that the right panel could contain more explanation and maybe a copiable command too (eg: reg path).

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Although I messaged the creator to see if this could get resolved, nothing has come of it. I moved on and used RT7Lite to accomplish the task, and I recommend RT7Lite. If you use RT7Lite (free download is available), be sure that if script error messages (usually 1 or 2) come up and ask if you want to continue script running on the page to select "yes" or I understand that the options selected might not actually get recorded. Too bad Win Toolkit ( did not work. Also, for making a bootable USB drive, the Windows Download USB/DVD tool worked very well after including the missing bootsect.exe file (there are youtube videos that are effective in showing this simple resolution).


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