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  1. Ok, I installed all patches myself and so far it seems to have worked. 2016_01 - 2017_12 Win7 x64 updates: win7_kb3108664_also_3110329.msu win7_kb3108664_also_3121461.msu win7_kb3109560.msu win7_kb3126587.msu win7_kb3138612.msu win7_kb3138910.msu win7_kb3139398.msu win7_kb3139914.msu win7_kb3140245.msu win7_kb3147071.msu win7_kb3149090.msu win7_kb3150220.msu win7_kb3155178.msu win7_kb3156016.msu win7_kb3156019.msu win7_kb3159398.msu win7_kb3161102.msu win7_kb3161949.msu win7_kb3161958.msu win7_kb3168965.msu win7_kb3177467.msu win7_kb3179573.msu win7_kb3185911.msu win7_sopack_kb3192391.msu win7_sopack_kb3197867.msu win7_sopack_kb3205394.msu win7_sopack_kb4012212.msu win7_sopack_kb4019263.msu win7_sopack_kb4019990.msu win7_sopack_kb4022722.msu win7_sopack_kb4025337.msu win7_sopack_kb4034679.msu win7_sopack_kb4038779.msu win7_sopack_kb4041678.msu win7_sopack_kb4048960.msu ie11_kb4052978_cumulative.msu 2016_01 - 2017_12 Netframe updates: netframe_351_sp2_kb3072305.msu netframe_351_sp2_kb3122648.msu netframe_351_sp2_kb3127220.msu netframe_351_sp2_kb3163245.msu netframe_351_sp2_sopack_kb4014985_patch_kb4014573.msu netframe_351_sp2_sopack_kb4019108_patch_kb4014579.msu netframe_351_sp2_sopack_kb4040966.msu netframe_46_setup.exe netframe_46x_sopack_kb4014985_patch_kb4014558.exe netframe_46x_sopack_kb4019108_patch_kb4014591.exe netframe_46x_sopack_kb4040966_patch_kb4040957.exe netframe_461_kb3143693.exe netframe_461_kb3164025.exe These didn't work for some reason (not applicable) win7_sopack_kb3212642 netframe_45x_sopack_kb4014985_patch_kb4014566.exe netframe_45x_sopack_kb4019108_patch_kb4014599.exe netframe_45x_sopack_kb4040966_patch_kb4040960.exe netframe_46x_sopack_kb4014985_patch_kb4014552.exe netframe_46x_sopack_kb4019108_patch_kb4014588.exe netframe_462_kb3205406.exe Do you know if the new security-only pack is clean from crap too? win7_sopack_kb4054521.msu
  2. I'll probably have to at a certain point, but it's a PITA that I try to postpone as much as possible. It's good that you check every release of the pack, though.
  3. Probably, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try to avoid it whenever it's possible, expecially on a computer. I don't use IE since decades too, but I'd prefer to patch it anyway, since it's part of the OS (sadly). Anyway, thanks for the info.
  4. Oh well, I've decided to use the original files. I already have patches till 2015\12, so I'll just download the new hotfixes according to Simplix's list. I can't use the "Monthly Rollup" due to the telemetry, however, so I'm going to get all the "Security Only" patches (from 2016\04). Incredibly, MS has a convenient site for this: https://portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-US/security-guidance Btw, do you know if Netframe and IE (cumulative) patches contain crap too?
  5. Damn, that's an important info. I guess that I'll have to use SUP, even if I would have preferred to get the good patches directly from MS and clean the monthly rollups with some guide.
  6. Thank you, but is the telemetry list updated? (at least until April) It contains only 5 patches, but elsewhere I found more entries. Also, do you plan to update the main list this December? And question: can WUD detect already-installed patches?
  7. Oh yes, I managed to find this thread again! I used this list with WUD 2 years ago to create a custom WIN7 (eng) iso. This should be sticked in the international part too! Now I'll use the list again to update the OS with the new patches, avoiding all MS crap. Thank you for still maintaining it! P.s: is the script "Hide Win10kbs" still needed?
  8. Mm no, NET 4.6.1 is missing. Was the switch /Y correct? Anyway, it seems I had various problem with runonceex..
  9. I've integrated your addon but: - a program installed netframe 4 because it was missing. - Win Update shows netframe 4.5.2 update + netframe 4 patches. Is it this normal? Doesn't your 4.6.1 addon contain these?
  10. Ah yes, I forgot, there's no real Documents and Settings anymore in Win7. Thanks for the links. They should be ok, except for Program Files evil path names.
  11. Hello, do you know if it's possible to change Windows 7 Special Folders in Win Toolkit? (e.g: Program Files (x86)-> ProgsX86, Documents and Settings -> DocSett etc) I remember that I did it successfully on WinXP with NLite (and then used for years). Also, is there any way to change them on an already installed system? :bomb:
  12. Ouch.. I got some errors: "The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it." - at runonceex --> W10.vbs - in Event Viewer --> all the 7 KBs that were in the SFX section :doh: Is it because I disabled Win Update Service from WinToolkit? (I wanted to avoid surprises). I didn't know that it had to run.. 1- Can I just launch then manually or should I just reinstall the entire OS? :sad01_anim: EDIT: oh well, I ran them (however, W10 and KB2533552 needed to be online). Solved, I guess. 2- Can I easily fix the current ISO + USB without restarting all the process? P.S: I noticed some active telemetry tasks. Are these defaults or some evil KB slipped through your selection? P.P.S: other 2 small errors in Event Viewer: - NetRuntime Optimization 1130 (NetFrame addon didn't start the service?) - WMI error 0x80041003 (ISO creation issue?) P.P.P.S: Win Toolkit used Autounattended.xml, but ignored my key.
  13. Ah, that seems more clear now, thanks. You should really add this info to the first post\readme, unless I'm completely blind. I've started the process again. Also, here are 2 screens (edit: woops, update "Z" missing) P.s: btw, the program shows some error sometimes (eg: tweaks->custom explorer bar, unattended->accept eula) EDIT: also during the integration, so I had to restart. Probably it didn't like "run as admin" and\or folders inside the user path.
  14. Ok, I've added the .exe but now the .msu counterparts are missing. I need to add them manually to the SFX section, right? This part is really confusing..
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