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Can anyone help with these Windows updates?


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I'm trying to download the following W7 SP1 64-bit updates without accessing MS sources. I need them to create an NTLite integrated W7 ISO.


I've already used Windows Updates Downloader to get every available W7 64-bit file but it couldn't find these five:


Windows6.1-KB2894844-x64.msu N3.5.1
Windows6.1-KB3023215-x64.msu N3.5.1
Windows6.1-KB3032655-x64.msu N3.5.1
Windows6.1-KB3037574-x64.msu N3.5.1
Windows6.1-KB3048070-x64.msu N3.5.1


Anyone able to help?


Thanks for reading this :-)


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Thanks ricktendo, that was a breeze. One more question, very nooby I'm afraid :-(


Why do all these files include 'AMD64' in their labels? For example:



The designation doesn't show up in any of the 300 or so files that Windows Updates Downloader brought in yesterday, but, an 'Everything' search of my W7 Ultimate computer revealed what seems to be thousands of similarly named files in various places under the hood.


Thanks for your help with this, the Catalog is a useful resource.

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It's the OS designator amd64 is what 64 bit is now ia64 was another 64 type that briefly contended with amd 64 but lost. It was still distributed enough to warrent releasing patches that include it. X86, is of course 32 bit. Think of blue ray and hddvd formats. It just says it covers all the actual OS types. 

According to this page:

  1. IA64 refers to the 64 bit Itanium architecture while x64 is the 64 bit extension to the x86 architecture.

  2. The IA64 is exclusive to Intel while x64 is used by all.

  3. IA64 was intended for high-end server applications while x64 was initially intended for desktops but were scaled up.

  4. IA64 systems are not able to run old x86 applications while most x64 systems are.

  5. IA64 is very slow to adopt new computer technologies while x64 is very fast.

  6. IA64 would no longer be supported by newer versions of Microsoft Windows while the x64 would still be supported.

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