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Hi, and thanks for having me ;-)


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Well let me start by saying "just how cool is this place!"

I am very aware that there is nothing new about modding themes and stuff but its new to me so thanks for the very informative site.

My first try was making an addon for Live Msngr to use with nLite but does not seem to work properly yet, i know it has been done but i think its best to do it myself to appreciate the work that goes in to this kind of stuff and then maybe if i get to grips with it all i won't need to ask many questions later.

I am jack of all trades master of none and enjoy my graphics design as a hobbie i also will be re-setting up a web server soon to see if my technical skills in that area are still intact.

please accept my appologies in advance if my questions are annoying ;-P

Now im off to explore some more of this kool site.



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