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[Addon] Compumatrix Wallpaper Changer v2.1

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Compumatrix Wallpaper changer 2.1

Product Description:

Wallpaper Changer allows you to manage your desktop wallpapers. You can configure wallpaper changer to change your wallpaper and regular intervals from 1 second up. The program can be configured to run when Windows starts and quit after changing the wallpaper or to stay open. The wallpaper can be manually changed by double-clicking the name of a wallpaper in the file list, or by double-clicking the Wallpaper Changer's tray icon. Wallpaper Changer will work on Windows 95 or later and Windows NT 3.1 or later. Wallpaper changer is compatable with any wallpaper file format that your version of windows is compatable with, therefore users with versions of windows without Active Desktop can still use wallpaper changer but can only use bitmap (.BMP) images.


Size 20.9 kb MD5Hash = e2ce921f9ed463b814b56da860db6e78

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I'm sorry to say but the DL is no dice (404)... :(

Pretty sad about that, this is something I have been searching for years now (I got soo many great WPs but changing them manually is just too much efford... ;) ).

I have a couple of proggy's which are a bit more comprehensive than this one, not add-ons, if anyone is interested, and ONLY if Kel wouldn't mind me posting links to them in his thread. I'm one of those too :D, love my wallpapers to change but too lazy to do it manually!

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