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  1. This one has been a great tool, but this version only checks the old html version of firefox's bookmarks, not the modern ones embedded in places.sqlite and bookmarks.json, which means you have to go through the hassle of exporting to html just to have a look at them.
  2. Unattended Windows. Read through it all, do some experimenting with reg-files, batch scripting and nlite/ryan vm integrator/both, then read through it all again. By then you will possibly be ready to do some of the exciting unattended stuff! Good luck.
  3. This tiny program from Nirsoft could be very useful for staying on top of your incoming and outgoing connections. Since it's designed to work together with IPNetInfo, I threw that into the package too. Nothing to it when the total size is less than 150 kb! You'll find the switchless installer inside the addon. What is CurrPorts? >>>More info Also in the package is IPNetInfo: Technical Installs in: %ProgramFiles%\Network\Nirsoft Shortcuts: %UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\Network Uninstallation: Delete the shortcuts and the Nirsoft folder. Size: 147 kb MD5 Hash: d72f74429d4c1df504
  4. Aww, you poor thing having to read through all those several hundred words.
  5. My preferred application in this area. Nice one, thanks.
  6. Oh, Games. Those wonderful little time wasters. The lowdown: 15 quality games in a less than 5 MB install. I am what some may call a retro gamer. I like small, functional games which takes up little space and is quick to get into and out of. Games that work great when your head needs a little break. All my Windows setups has had a healthy portion of such games, providing a welcome diversion from the serious things. Recently I have reworked the collection, thrown out a few, added some and updated some others. So why keep all that work to yourself, if someone else might like it? This collection
  7. Thought I would try and repay some of my debt to the community by adding some of my own stuff! Sysinternals Autoruns 9.51 - when msconfig or startup control panel just isn't enough. Hopefully someone will find this useful! :graduated: >>>>>Home page This is a simple installer, it adds nothing to the registry. Some bars will be visible duing installation, that's the way I prefer it, but it's easily changeable in 7-zip or winrar. NB: It's switchless, one doubleclick will install it! Installs in: %ProgramFiles%\System Shortcut: Accessories\System Tools Download: >>>Swi
  8. Oh, brilliant. As simple as I would have thought, but sometimes you just go into tunneling vision, missing the obvious. Thanks a lot!
  9. How do you put it into a windows installation? All I can see is a couple of files banded together.
  10. There is probably an forehead-smackingly simple answer for this one, but I must admit I'm getting frustrated. Thing is, all the threads I'm reading, only the first post comes up, all subsequent posts in the thread just shows as links below the OP. This is really annoying, as I would like all posts to be readable on the same page. I'd expect to find something for this in "My Controls", but nothing seems to do the trick. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, even though I'll probably look like a fool. edit: wording
  11. Great guide, Luzr. But I REALLY think you should mention where you copied it from. Not only is the original text much easier to read, but it is part of a more comprehensive guide which might be even more helpful for some. Check this out: Neoseeker nLite guide Some parts might be outdated, but hey, it' still XP.
  12. Um, this release sounds great, but isn't there supposed to be a addon download link somewhere? Apologies if it is just me missing something obvious.
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