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[How To] Lightning


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start out by creating a new document 300x300 (bigger if you want later on). hit 'd' to reset the colors! then select you Gradient Tool and use the settings i have below:




now with your Gradient Tool selected freely drag and click over your work area several times all in different directions! I'd say click and drag at least 30 times! Below is how it came out for me (each result will be different):




step 3:

now that you got you image looking a little something like the image above we need to duplicate the layer! to do this simply go to layer > duplicate. now with your new layer selected goto edit > transform > flip horizontal! then set the blend mode to overlay.



step 4:

now you should have 2layers. select the top layer and hit ctrl+u (to colorize) and use these settings:

hue: 0

saturation: 25

lightness: 0

be sure to have colorize box cked. you should get something like the image below:


optional step:

even tho step 4 was the last step you can get a different look from the same image! simply have the top layer selected and hit ctrl+i to invert the top layer! your results will look like the image below:


Thanks To Block9.net

Here's what happened when i tried...of course i make some changes, though



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