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prob to export iso on win 10 pro 32bit


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hello .my id is ( Log ID 0x5A03467D561D3E05B978A39F539CD494_Ex060004DF_frmUnattendedCreator_el-GR_261385 and i have problem to make iso.when im extracting the iso it has install.esd..ok im changing this to wim and i replace esd with wim ..im removing all unnessesery staff , im saving and when im trying to make the iso its pop up an error


(iso creation was cancel

[csimage.exe-L"windows 32" -m -o -u2udfver102 -h-bootdata:2#p0,e,b"C\Users\Lef\Desktop\Νέος Φάκελος (4)\windows 32\boot\etfsboot.com"#pEF,e,b,C:\Users\Lef\Desktop\Νέος Φάκελος (4)\windows 32\efi\Microsoft\boot\efisys.bin"

"C:Users\Lef\Desktop\Νέος Φάκελος (4)\windows 32"

"C:Users\Lef\Desktop\Νέος Φάκελος (5)\windows 32 c.iso"]


THAT was the error. it works fine with win 8. 

Any help ? 

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