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Keyboard Ninja: Assign a Hotkey to any Window


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When I need to perform a repetitive task such as checking my email or switching to an open IM window, the quickest option is to assign a hotkey directly to the window, so I can toggle the window minimized/restored with nothing more than a single keystroke.

How did I accomplish this? AutoHotkey, a small scripting framework that allows you to automate anything in Windows. Before we begin, I'm going to assume that you've downloaded and installed it.

I've created a small function that you can add to a script which will do the hard work of finding and toggling the window. All you have to do is assign the hotkeys you want at the top of the script.

The first thing you will need to do is download the script(right click and save as) and save it somewhere useful. You should be able to simply double-click on the script to start it, and then you will notice a new tray icon (The green one with the H)


Right-click on the icon, and choose Edit This Script from the menu. You'll have to add in your own hotkeys since none are defined in the script, so let's go take a look at the script


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I have a HP Media Keyboard and unfortunately, HP no longer supports XP for their newer products. Do you know if there is a way I could configure or find the driver?

Thanks will try out the above but is there any info on the hot keys I already have and how to add to those?

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