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Installation was giving CompareExchange128 error until I installed an unofficial bios microcode, now my games crash on 64bit Windows 10


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My CPU is an LGA 775 modded Xeon E5450, and my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G.

Normally I could not install 64 bit Windows 10 or 8 on this machine, because it gives CompareExchange128 error.

I tried the microcode for my motherboard that I found here to solve this problem first, I could install 64 bit Windows 10 but it didn't allow me to play my games at all:


Then I tried the microcode for my motherboard that I found here, I could install 64 bit Windows 10 and play my games but they have been crashing too much compared to when I was playing them on Windows 7:


I mostly play Rocket League and it may as well be specific to the games that I play especially since 2 of my RAM sticks stopped functioning normally before all this and I have been on only 4GB of RAM. So today another 4GB of RAM will arrive and I'll see how it goes but now I think that it may be about the unofficial bios code that I have been using after all.

Do you know of another way to install and use 64 bit Windows 10 on a PC like mine ?

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