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Can I access my BitLocker-encrypted volume if I insert the hard disk into a different computer?

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I saw this question on several forums and would like to post an answer here if someone will need it.

So, let's presume that you have encrypted your hard disk with BitLocker encryption. BitLocker is a feature that comes with Windows Vista Enterprise and Ultimate Editions. For some reason, you need to plug-in your hard disk in other computer and read the data from it.

If the other computer is running Windows Vista Ultimate or Windows Vista Enterprise and has a TPM chip, the encrypted hard disk can be unlocked from the BitLocker Control Panel item on the alternate computer.

When you unlock the BitLocker-enabled hard disk on the alternate computer, the only authentication operation available will be recovery. The hard disk will appear in the BitLocker Control Panel item with an option to unlock the volume using the recovery password or recovery key.

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