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[Addon] Kels Win2k CPL PacK v3 Final

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The whole package is uninstallable via the add/remove panel.

v3 Final Log
GPU-Z to v0.4.6
CPU-Z to v1.58
WhatInStartup v1.33
WuL v1.31
HP USB Tool v2.2.3

This pack contains:

CPU-Z v1.58

Dial-a-Fix v0.60.0.24

Expired Cookies Cleaner v1.02

GPU-Z v0.4.6

HP USB Format Tool v2.2.3

HWmonitor v1.15

HD Tune v2.55

MemTest v4.0

Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard

MSI CleanUp Utility 4.4

Services and Devices v2.7


WhatInStartup v1.33

WinUpdatesList v1.31


Size = 2.49 megs

Hashes =

File: Kels_CPL_MutliPack_Win2k_addon_v3_Final.rar

CRC-32: 39f9a3e1

MD4: 26aebc8f205f8630a39a421dc375bd26

MD5: d4f82f04743094ce890d019931f15f6d

SHA-1: f4d95ff623e64c2a3dc6784b85369950ba63a0a5


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