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[How To] Interface Buttons


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Here's a real simple, quick and easy interface button you can make with PhotoFiltre. In order to complete this tutorial you will need the Gravure Filter and the RGB Fantasy Filter. You can download them both for free on the PhotoFiltre Web Site. Just click on the Plug-ins Link to the left. Once you have them installed you can access them from the Filter / Plug-in menu or your plug-in tool bar if you have them set up there. RGB Fantasy is a Plug-in I use quite often so you may want to download it even if this tutorial is of no interest to you.


1) Open up a new image 200 x 200 with a black background. 2) Select the Rectangle Tool a draw a 150 pixel wide x 40 pixel high rectangle.

Note: you may want to place it up to the top like mine

if you plan on making more than one button.


3) Menu = Filter / Color / Gradient Style = Duotone

Direction = Top to Bottom

Color 1 = RGB 255,255,255

Opacity = 100%

Color 2 = RGB 150,150,150

Opacity = 100%

4) Menu = Filter / Stylize / Progressive Contour

Width = 3

Color = RGB 0,0,0

Opacity = 100%

Effect = None


5) Menu = Selection / Contract Width = 10

6) Menu = Filter / Stylize / Progressive Contour

Width = 3

Color = RGB 0,0,0

Opacity = 100%

Effect = Blur


7) Menu = Selection / Expand Width = 10

8) Menu = Filter / Plug-in / Gravure

Select the Contours+ Tab

Setting = Diaphagme +1


9) Menu = Selection / Contract Width = 10

10) Menu = Filter / Visual effect / Gaussian Blur

Radius = 1 Pixel

11) Menu = Filter / Plug-in / RVB Fantasies

Select the RVB+ Tab and start playing around with the different color

Combinations until you find something you like.


Thanks to This Site

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