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Vista Bugs

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Heh yea I see that title a lot too. Anyway, I put WPI through it's paces on 9 test installs last weekend and for the most part it looks promising. Here are some things that I couldn't overcome.

Firefox - wouldn't install a quick launch icon even though I told it to.

Opera - installed but no icons anywhere and no uninstaller

CCleaner - Same as Opera

Tuneup Utilities - Wouldn't install with the provided switches but installed if I set it to manual install.

Smartftp - the installer let another program begin installing before it started it's actual install so I just had to wait for the next manual install program to start before installing it.

I really didn't try any large programs with it but lots of small ones and I like it so far. :thumbsup_anim:

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Ummmm yeah.

I really appreciate the comments. But your issues are nothing todo with Vista or WPI :P

I am glad you like WPI though.

Actually they do. If you don't want to investigate it, I understand but they all install just fine post install. I'm just reporting what I found is all. :)

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