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  1. You're right there are problems on x64. 1.0.3 is fine but 2.0 isn't. I thought it was due to case sensitivity because I noticed the error was actually 'Your OS arch is x64 and the program requires X64' but I changed one of the addons to match and I still got the error.
  2. By Default, Vista uses a ton of system restore space and doesn't have an option to resize it anymore. Go to Start/Accessories and find the Command Prompt. Right click on it and click run as administrator. To find out how much it is using type in vssadmin list shadowstorage and hit enter. To view the number of restore points you currently have on your Computer run the following command vssadmin list shadows To change the size it uses, run vssadmin resize shadowstorage /On=C: /For=C: /Maxsize=9GB assuming Vista is installed on the C drive and you want it resized to 9 gigabytes.
  3. If you've ever deleted the hibernation file in Vista either through a disk cleanup utility or vLite or whatever meathod and you need it back, here's how. Open an elevated command prompt (Start/All Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt and right click it and choose run as Administrator). Now type or paste in powercfg -h on and hit enter. Now all of your hibernation options should have returned. Alternatively if you need to save some space and don't use hibernation, replace "on" with "off".
  4. 64 Bit Service Pack 1 Language Pack Downloads: Arabic Bulgarian Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Crotian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal) Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian
  5. This is just a quick tutorial to integrate language packs into your Vista Ultimate or Enterprise disk. You can use whatever method you are confortable with (I'd use vLite as it's just plain simple). First you need Exe2cab. Now take your language pack .exe and literally drag and drop it on top of the exe2cab program and click run when it prompts you. This will create the .cab that you can now integrate. 32 Bit Service Pack 1 Language Pack Downloads: Arabic Bulgarian Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Crotian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Portugal) Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Thai Turkish Ukrainian
  6. On XP I guess it doesn't matter so much but I'd go with the first one simply because they spent the money ($500 or so I think) to get a digital signature so my bet would be on them to continue development on it.
  7. I haven't had a chance to test this because the monitor on my test machine blew up a few days ago (my last CRT :crying_anim02: ) but I'm pretty sure that this will only give the ability to read and write to an already in place partition. See there's more to a filesystem than 2 files and a registry entry. This is the driver part of it that will allow you to use the partition natively from XP but I seriously doubt there's enough there to be able to format with it. I'm still using my exfat partition that I created way back when I wrote that post and have had (almost) no side effects from it. The only side effect was I was using it to test one of my update packs with vLite and vLite failed to integrate any hotfixes into it (I assume vLite was looking for free space and couldn't read the filesystem and aborted). I use that drive on a daily basis to cover my tracks when I'm doing things I ought to not be doing. There is also Ext2 File System Driver for Windows that I believe is able to format for you. That's the one I really need to test out. Anyway, you may need to install Vista, create the exfat partition and then install XP with the exfat driver to use it. Also the command I used format F: /fs:exfat /q /a:4096 is for a quick format. If you aren't in a hurry, you should probably use format F: /fs:exfat /a:4096 to do a full format. I haven't actually tried installing any programs on exfat because it's non-joarnaling which means data loss or corruption is very possible if you are writing to the drive during a power outage.
  8. If you really want a sidebar on XP with the Vista fading effect, you'll need to use the Google Desktop. The fade isn't exactly like Vista but it is there. Be aware that it uses probably just as many resources of the Vista sidebar.
  9. It is updated. v16615 is what I have. I'll send it to Rick if he wants it.
  10. That's an interesting find. That thing has been part of Ryan's addons for years.
  11. I agree but beware of readyboost. It will help somewhat launching programs but if you do any gaming of any kind, readyboost slows games down and makes them stutter. If you don't do any gaming, you can get a good readyboost drive for $15 but then again, you can get 1 gig of real memory for $30. You're on the right track doing a fresh install. I've never been able to get an upgrade to run nearly as well as a fresh install and have run into a few BSOD's even though the upgrade advisor said it was good to go.
  12. It works, it's just a little slow is all.
  13. Just an FYI, for those who don't like the command prompt, you can snatch the .msp out of office update exe's with 7zip.
  14. It's extremely slow as well as copying files through the network. They say that SP1 fixes it but it doesn't fix it, it just relieves some of the pain of it. That isn't even what bothers me the most. Download a .msu file once. When it gets to 99% it will sit there stalled for a couple minutes before it goes through it's copy process and completes. :ranting:
  15. Doh! Thanks for that info. I think I'd better pass on that one.
  16. Do you mean they spike the cpu load like the real ones do on Vista on many video cards? I saw these about a month ago but haven't tried it yet and I'd rather not if that's the case.
  17. What are you wanting a link to? The google study? I don't have one. I saw it on Neowin I think or maybe CNet about 6 months ago. Oh yea I never said seagate wasn't good (forgot to mention they bought out Maxtor quite a while back for any Maxtor fans out there), I was just saying that I don't build with one brand exclusively and I barely ever need to warranty a drive. Maybe I'm just lucky.
  18. It's hard to say which is better. I've sold all kinds and mostly they are all pretty good (Maxtor, WD, Seagate). The only brand I've consistantly had problems with is Hitachi. Every brand has a bad apple once in a while. If you are repeatedly burning out drives, it's most likely beyond luck. Google did a study of hd's on their servers and they claim the temperature did not affect the lifespan. I don't buy it but who knows. Possibly a bad power supply giving it inconsistant power or even power surges. Brownouts are really bad. Surge strips don't stand a chance against them.
  19. Just an FYI, I've got 2 WD drives that are at least 3 or 4 years old. One is a 160 and one is a 200 gig which were pretty huge at the time. The 200 is on this machine with no front cooling on it and it's a pretty steady 31(ish) degrees C.
  20. I'd like to know where these numbers come from. I just finished testing the last version for 2 weeks on my main machine and the numbers they give just don't match up to my real world useage. Maybe they've stashed something away for the public release but I seriously doubt it.
  21. Actually they do. If you don't want to investigate it, I understand but they all install just fine post install. I'm just reporting what I found is all.
  22. Heh yea I see that title a lot too. Anyway, I put WPI through it's paces on 9 test installs last weekend and for the most part it looks promising. Here are some things that I couldn't overcome. Firefox - wouldn't install a quick launch icon even though I told it to. Opera - installed but no icons anywhere and no uninstaller CCleaner - Same as Opera Tuneup Utilities - Wouldn't install with the provided switches but installed if I set it to manual install. Smartftp - the installer let another program begin installing before it started it's actual install so I just had to wait for the next manual install program to start before installing it. I really didn't try any large programs with it but lots of small ones and I like it so far. :thumbsup_anim:
  23. For that kind of a system, the bigger the better. With that said, this should suffice quite nicely.
  24. I respectfully disagree. Most of it I agree with except for the Intel part. I'm not going to say that AMD is better like all the AMD geeks claim, instead I'll tell you why I build 96% AMD. Does anyone remember way back before AMD created the x64 cpu (this is even before the Athlon XP)? Do you remember what Intel charged for their Pentium class cpu's? AMD was the company that directly changed Intel's pricing by offering at the time a superior product for a fraction of the price. If a lot of us don't support AMD, Intel is going to slip back into the old rut that Microsoft is in which is to charge a lot more than necessary just because they can. Now back on topic. I recommend an AMD processor even if it's just a dual core. Here is a link to a 5600+ that should meet or exceed all of your expectations from a cpu. The motherboard to go with it is a personal preference. Biostar seems to be the best that I sell. MSI is also a top seller. PC Chips sell extremely cheap boards if you don't mind flashing the bios. I've flashed 9 via a cdrom and none went bad. Not bad for something you shouldn't do. They do have about a 4 second boot delay that is unexplained though. The rest of the features you may or may not want are all in the motherboard as well. I suggest finding a board with 2 PATA and at least 4 SATA. This gives you pleanty of expansion. Also buy a case that supports anything you may do in the future. If you plan to put in 2 cdrom drives, 2 ATA drives and 4 SATA drives, be sure you have enough bays.
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