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  1. Lolz I missed the news. happy birthday!
  2. I think you mean ARE beastly!
  3. LMAO ROFL 800Mhz Duron. Anyway, welcome back. (Hey, I'm back as well, so should I be talking?)
  4. http://renzuken.kh3.us/BigRedButton.swf It's a button. It's annoying. It's red. It's the big annoying red button. (BTW this goes on forever so don't sit at the computer for the rest of your life trying to make the button go away. )
  5. doesnt look like a lamborghini unless its been custom tuned
  6. does anyone know of any high quality scanners ( no more than $250), that are vista compatible?
  7. i like! is this compatible w/ xp? and what vs are u using?
  8. ff isnt my favorite browser, but ill pledge
  9. u always have to mention something like that when mario shows up, dont u?
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