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  1. No problem If anyone has any trouble uninstalling it run this from cmd: regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\Ave's ExtraDesktops\MultiDesktop.dll
  2. Ok i know this is only a preview application that will expire on the 28th of this month but i thought id share it as its so cool/fun :thumbsup_anim:. It lets you browse to a folder on your Computer and assign it as a separate Desktop which will appear when pressing a HotKey and all folders/files in the chosen folder will appear on the desktop when activated
  3. Marry Christmas everyone Hope you all have a nice time and enjoy your turkey (unless your vegetarian, in which case um.... cabbage )
  4. I was a little put off by that at first but decided to try it since I'm still messing with Vista and dont really mind if i need to reinstall it, but if I'm honest I'm quite impressed by the application and have had no problems as of yet, the only thing i noticed was that when i first boot up my machine i have no user pic for a few moments until the program loads in which is to be expected. I dont think its XP compatible.
  5. Just been browsing around and found this cool little program :thumbsup_anim: If you experience problems try installing this. USE AT OWN RISK as siad in the original message, but it works fine for me iv even added it to my startup :icon_cool:
  6. Hi again, i know this isn't professional fix but iv been running vista without problems for a few days now, what did was delete 120,121 images from within the basebrd.dll then open up imageres.dll with res hack and edit the logon screen, like i said its not very professional but its simple and effective The logon screen is seen while logging in/out and when you press Ctrl+Alt+Dlt
  7. diezil


    But we still got snow on the title :thumbsup_anim: its the little things that count Yeah man, im getting the whole Vista Tweeking bug, although im hovering around sense again now ready for DB2020 patching to beasty up the k800, den_po :giveheart: is a god and Far Manger is at the ready....
  8. BOOOOOOOO.... A fellow Sony Ericsson |-|4C|<3R I'm also intrested in editing the basebrd.dll file, but whenever i edit the image your also wanting to edit i either loose the image completely or it dont do anything, i've been reading that we need to edit the basebrd.dll.mui file to, but when i look in it with resource hacker i cannot see the file i've been told to edit :confused02:, its one of the few skinning tweeks i want to do, alone with the image at the right of the Control Panel (same thing happens as with basebrd'dll), if i make any more progress ill pass the info on :type:
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    You dont know how many times that thought has ran through my mind But hey a "Legal" copy of Vista albe it Home Basic is better then an illegal copy of XP right?
  10. diezil


    Hi, I'm new here. Just saying HELLO to all the member's new and old and introducing myself, im from England, i love music (DJ), sports and tweeking my phone's, also just got an intrest in tweeking Vista which is how i came by the forum while googling. Love the X-Massy theme (Awww where did it go :crying_anim02:).... WI HEE... there it is, tis the season to be jolly la la la la laaa.... la la la laaa
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