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  1. You can't be using Microsoft Security Essentials with Windows Defender. MSE automatically disables Windows Defender and replaces it with the MSE anti-spyware component which is much more comprehensive in what it can detect.
  2. Read the message carefully when you start the sidebar installer. It doesn't say "Alky is not installed", it just says sidebar will not install properly if Alky isn't installed. It's just a warning to make sure you know to install Alky first. Sidebar installer is not able to verify that you've done that so it's just warning you, that's all, so that you can cancel the sidebar installer if necessary. Uninstalling gadgets: This can't be done on XP like you do it with the sidebar in Vista since it makes the sidebar crash -- this is a known issue. Workaround is to close the sidebar, locate the gadge
  3. This is "closest to the real thing" because it's not a sidebar "knock off". It IS the real thing, just adapted or 'ported' to run on XP. All the others you may have seen or tried are just 'lookalikes' (and some don't even look like it) which can't use Vista sidebar gadgets. The Thoosje Sidebar is perhaps the nearest in appearance and functionality to the real thing, but in my experience that uses more ram and takes much longer to load -- I used to run it till I found the real thing on this forum. Rick and the other two guys have done a brilliant job.
  4. Quote: "this is a known issue on Win2k, XP & Vista. The remedy for XP is as follows: To resolve this issue (manually) open the "Services Editor" * Start | Run (type) "services.msc" (no quotes) * Scroll down to "DNS Client", Right-click and select: Properties * Click the drop-down arrow for "Startup type" * Select: Manual, or Disabled (recommended) click Apply/Ok and restart. [more info] When set to Manual you can see that the above "Service" is not needed (after a little browsing) by opening the Services Editor again, scroll down to DNS Client an
  5. Sorry for late reply. No -- my XP is the English version. And to bober: sidebar.inf is already in the Windows/inf folder. As of now I don't want to uninstall it, but I can confirm that the 'Add and Remove Programs' method doesn't work for me. Error message pops up as per screenshot in earlier post above.
  6. Right, my post isn't an add-on, but it concern's an add-on so where am I supposed to put posts concerning an add-on if not in the add-on thread it applies to? And your second comment -- I fully understand what Rick's sidebar is, I've been using PCs for 15 years my friend. My point was that if gadgets can run on XP now (unofficially of course), we'll probably need to be concerned about the malicious ones just like Vista users have been warned about. If you don't care about bringing it to the attention of other members, well that's your affair. I'm off to friendlier pastures. See ya (or maybe no
  7. You have to remember that each user account in XP (and Vista) has it's own shortcuts and it 's own desktop arrangement (including sidebar gadgets) so if choose to install a gadget "Just for your desktop only" it goes into the gadgets folder under your user name. But if you choose to install a gadget "for every one to use" it goes into the 'shared gadgets' folder. That way there's no need to install the same gadget three times on a computer which has three user accounts if they all want to have access to the same gadget -- you just make sure it goes into the "shared folder" the first time you i
  8. Hey, rick -- seems you have a bucketload of probs to deal with on this page alone, so first off I want to say mine is working fine on XP Home SP2. Reason for post? -- I've just learned MS has posted a security patch on it's website to 'block' any bad gadgets which contain malicious code - but the patch (needless to say) won't install on XP because, for one thing, the file is in the new "MSU" format (for Vista) which XP doesn't recognise. KB943411: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/943411 Just thought I should mention this development for all who are running the gadgets on XP -- and do we need to
  9. Some additional info to previous post. I just discovered after running the 'uninstall' which produces the error, the Sidebar no longer works (shortcut to start it is invalid etc), so it appears to begin uninstalling (enough to "break" the sidebar) but aborts and leaves a lot of files behind. Had to re-install to get sidebar back -- no big deal it works fine again.
  10. First I exit the sidebar before invoking "Remove" in "Add and Remove Programs". The uninstaller appears to start, but then aborts with this message box (attached). Just in case the text is illegible in jpeg form, it reads: "INF Install failure. Reason: The system cannot find the path specified" FYI -- I installed the Sidebar using default location (if that's relevant). Pip22
  11. Rick, those guys having trouble uninstalling the Sidebar using "Add/Remove Programs". I get an error also (missing file) but I read somewhere that method doesn't work (only the 'Change' button works) so I no longer worry about it, I was just testing to see if I had same problem as other users. In any case, I created a disk image with no sidebar installed so that won't be a problem for me. I saw on this forum a link to an "uninstall.inf" file which I've downloaded. You use it to uninstall, (similar to the "inf" file you use to install the Sidebar with) --- am I right about this? My Sidebar is s
  12. You really think 150k is a lot of memory? For something as graphically intensive as the Vista Sidebar I don't think it's a lot. Don't know why but it loads way faster on my XP than on my daughter's Vista (both have 1Gig RAM) so I'm not complaining! I take my hat off to ricktendo64 and his co-developers who ported it over to XP -- it's probably going to satisfy XP users enough to stick with what they have for much longer instead of upgrading to Vista (Microsoft no doubt doesn't want that to happen, which is probably why they didn't port the Vista Sidebar over to XP themselves).
  13. I've recently re-installed the Sidebar on my Windows XP owing to a failed disk, and the Slide Show gadget doesn't give me any options. The options box opens but all the fields are blank so I can't select a folder, a transition-effect or a time-duration. Any ideas on why this is so? TIA Pip
  14. Thank you for the sidebar version info, Rick. Also, your hunch that Firefox set as default during sidebar install was spot on -- it was that which caused the glitch with the Recycle Bin gadget. Your workaround worked like a charm. However, Sidebar has since given me a "sidebar needs to close" message, with another pop-up saying "one of the installed gadgets caused the problem" -- "please remove the problem gadget and restart sidebar". Guess it must be the Recycle Bin gadget 'cos Sidebar never crashed out before I added that. No sweat, I can live with that. Windows has it's own Recycle Bin anyw
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