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Windows ISO download not working


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Hi Trying to download windows 10 International English Version and press on confirmed and looks like MS is blocking your software from accessing the services. Get this message below:

We are unable to complete your request at this time. Some users, entities and locations are banned from using this service. For this reason, leveraging anonymous or location hiding technologies when connecting to this service is not generally allowed. If you believe that you encountered this problem in error, please try again. If the problem persists you may contact Microsoft Support – Contact Us page for assistance. Refer to message code 715-123130 and ba1f735c-1a24-4ea1-b558-b9ec7753ddc7.

Tried with different version of Iso downloaded and same result, also tried with different version on windows and languages but still the same. Any Ideas?

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Microsoft have apparently changed something with their site, which seems to have affected all 3rd party download tools (although one of the other tools has already released a fix)

I would guess that there is unlikely to be a fix for this tool until they release the new version of the tool that uses Microsoft Edge rather than Internet Explorer

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Seems i made a bit of an incorrect assumption as to what was going on (it seems to work for me)

its possible that your IP address may have been temporarily banned from downloading ISOs (or your specific computer may have been banned)

for a temporary IP ban, it would usually be automatically removed after 24 hours if no further attempts to download an ISO were made

for a computer specific ban (which is extremely unlikely to happen for most people, but it is possible from what i have been told), I don’t think there is a way around it other than using a different machine

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