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  1. The user agent is some information the browser sends to the website, which has information about the operating system, browser version, etc... Microsofts website won't give you direct access to Windows 10 ISOs if it detects from the user agent that you are using a Windows PC, it will instead direct you to the media creation tool (which athough that can generate ISOs, these aren't the same as the ones you can download directly if you use a non Windows operating system I would suggest using a browser extension, as it makes it easier, all you need to do is change it so that it reports that you are using a Mac (or Linux) computer, then it will give you access to the direct ISO downloads When using Microsofts website, you will only be able to download the latest version of the ISO, and with the Rufus tool i mentioned (which is a tool for creating USB drives, but it also has an ISO download feature), older versions won't be able to be downloaded through it, as Microsoft have apparently either removed the older ISOs from their servers completly, or blocked access to them in some way
  2. You shouldn't need an insider account to download public ISOs Either you were trying to download an Insider ISO (which if someone or something screwed up, then you may have unknowingly been trying to download an Insider ISO), or something strange is going on If you are trying to download a Windows 11 ISO, then you can either go to microsofts website or use Rufus (with the latter option, make sure to click Yes when it asks if you want to enable check for updates, as clicking No will disable the ISO download feature), note that with both of those options, only the latest version of the ISO will be avalable With Windows 10 ISOs, you would have to change your browsers user agent string for direct ISO downloads to be offered by Microsofts Website, so i would suggest using Rufus for Windows 10 ISOs (and again, only the latest version will be avalable) As of a few minuites ago, Rufus works fine with ISO downloads
  3. If that model was not available in english speaking countries with that software configuration out of the box, then i can understand why (it would be for the same sort of reason why items that are sold only in central Europe may not include English instructions)
  4. Seems i made a bit of an incorrect assumption as to what was going on (it seems to work for me) its possible that your IP address may have been temporarily banned from downloading ISOs (or your specific computer may have been banned) for a temporary IP ban, it would usually be automatically removed after 24 hours if no further attempts to download an ISO were made for a computer specific ban (which is extremely unlikely to happen for most people, but it is possible from what i have been told), I don’t think there is a way around it other than using a different machine
  5. Microsoft have apparently changed something with their site, which seems to have affected all 3rd party download tools (although one of the other tools has already released a fix) I would guess that there is unlikely to be a fix for this tool until they release the new version of the tool that uses Microsoft Edge rather than Internet Explorer
  6. The Windows 11 22H2 downloads seem to be under the “new additions” section at the moment (And there seems to be a “phantom” download, the one ending with v1, i did try it but the download manager i use gave an error, whereas the other download works with no errors)
  7. Athough there aren't any retail S mode ISOs, you can get a retail ISO to install in S mode using an answer file (unattended installation file)
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