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how to integrate custom reg tweaks?


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i've only thought about doing something like this for a day or two, so i havent done much research into the matter. i know nlite can do some reg tweaks, but i'm not sure about what to do if you want to add some custom ones to the build. if anyone has some info to share, or possibly some useful links about it, please pass them along.


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I managed to do it in a very noob sort of way. I'm sure there is probably a much better way.

I made an AutoIT script that runs regedit /s regtweaks.reg. I then added all 3 file (regedit.exe, regtweaks.reg, autoit.exe) to a SFX archive. You can then use the nlite addon maker to make an addon, or manually add it to the svcpack folder and put the entry in the svcpack.inf.

This works, but like I said, probably a completely retarded way to do it. If for some reason you want to see my addon, let me know and I will post it.

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Take the .REG file and convert it to .INF using Reg2Inf by n7Epilson (just drop reg2inf.exe in system32 and use this command)

reg2inf "regfilename.reg" "anyname.inf"

then create a entries_whatever.ini and add something like this

description=Registry Tweaks for nLite.
title=nLite RegTweaks

; Add your converted reg to inf string here

Zip the Entries_*.ini and integrate it with nLite

To verify that your inf AddReg has been successfully added to nLite.inf look in you i386 folder and expand nLite.in_ and look for the [CT] section

Source: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=722652

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