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  1. I just came across this today, but not sure how it compares. Has anyone used it before? http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/msmg_toolkit.html
  2. just a friendly suggestion: maybe write in english the part about there being an english version/link to the url I never would have known there was one in english if I had not run your text through a translator thankfully I was curious enough to want to know what this topic was about
  3. Easily Control Automatic and Unwanted Windows 7 & 8.1 Upgrading to Windows 10 https://www.grc.com/never10.htm I found this tool mentioned on the thurrott website https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/65706/steve-gibsons-never-10-helps-turn-off-windows-10-upgrade-announcement
  4. http://ultimateoutsider.com/downloads/ GWX Control Panel is a free program that you can use to do the following on Windows 7 and Windows 8: Remove the "Get Windows 10" icon that appears in your notification area.Prevent your Windows Update control panel from upgrading your computer to Windows 10.Prevent your computer from secretly downloading Windows 10 installation files.Detect and remove the hidden Windows 10 installation files if they're already on your PC.Optionally monitor your computer for unwanted Windows 10-related settings and files. (New in version 1.6.)
  5. turning off auto updates, and notify only settings isn't a viable solution for the computers I deal with. and things are just getting worse now, with the w10 upgrade is becomming more naggine and obtrusive and being pushed more and more on people? I've even read that microsoft is automatically downloading the upgrade to people's computers w/o their conscent (just in case they decide to want to upgrade to w10). edit: i see theres a topic on http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/13067-how-to-avoid-being-upgraded-to-win-10-against-your-will/ i guess that would work for most people, but i'm not what you'd consider an advanced person in these things. i make maybe 1-2 new builds a year and basically have to re-learn how to do it every time since so much time has passed wintoolkit had this tweaks tab, with various options and checkboxes to have a more customized build. i was hoping for something along those lines
  6. thanks, i did notice that too, but I wasn't sure what that space meant or if it was normal to look that way. those tags seem to be generated automatically, b/c I didn't do anything fancy when including the url in the post i made. I literally just highlighted the url in firefox's url bar, and right clicked then copy, and pasted in the link. I'm not sure how widespread this issue is, or if i am the only one that is experiencing this oddity. for me it is a minor issue, i just find it more strange than anything.
  7. well I've just experienced the same problem again. I'm thinking that the problem is somehow related to links that I copy and paste while using firefox. I'm not sure if it happens with other browsers, since ff is my main browser. but here is the post in question http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/13162-any-options-for-win78-upgrade-to-win10/#entry116622 the entire post was typed as: "thanks for the info. I came across this article today (url link) seems like oem/vlc have not changed, but for others the activations are tied to hardware and are stored online. Makes it easy to re-install in the future, and seems like you might not even need a key for future activations in certain situations" the first time I submitted the post, the text stopped right after the url link. the second time, I just hit the edit button, hit the bbcode button and hit save, and ALL the text disappears. but it gets even stranger, then i'll hit refresh a couple min later and text comes back as in how it appears in the first time (text is missing after the url link). the only time i see the entire text of that post is when i am in edit mode here is another part to the mystery. when i made this followup post here, everything came out as it should normally. evidence by the text being displayed after the url above. that makes me wonder about two possibilities, that 'outside' urls are messing something up, but urls of this forum are safe. or that maybe only certain sub forums have this issue?
  8. thanks for the info. I came across this article today http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-quietly-rewrites-its-activation-rules-for-windows-10/#ftag=YHFb1d24ec seems like oem/vlc have not changed, but for others the activations are tied to hardware and are stored online. Makes it easy to re-install in the future, and seems like you might not even need a key for future activations in certain situations
  9. I'm guessing that since there is a limited time frame as to when a person can get the free w7/8 upgrade that afterward, the upgrade system can detect if the key has been used previously for the upgrade. Because what if someone were to try to make a new w10 iso with updates etc with wintoolkit, and use their old win7/8 key say 2+ years down the road. Would it work? Or would there be a prerequisite that the w7/8 key attempting to be used in that scenario had to be associated with a prior w7/8 to w10 upgrade path? That is my main concern. unless maybe the authentication system somehow knew that the w7/8 key was used previously to do a w10 upgrade.... or perhaps after you do an upgrade that w10 provides you with a new/different authentication key?
  10. interesting article, but I am specifically wondering about wintoolkit and what options (if any) there are for those doing windows 7 upgrade to win10 etc.
  11. wondering if anyone has any new info now that the upgrades are rolling out?
  12. edit: it appears that microsoft decided to change how activations work with old keys. this is a much welcomed change, and this topic isn't really relevant anymore since this change “If you install this build of the Windows 10 Insider Preview on a PC and it doesn’t automatically activate, you can enter the product key from Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 used to activate the prior Windows version on the same device to activate Windows 10 by going to Settings > Update & security > Activation and selecting Change Product Key,”
  13. thanks for all the replies. Actually I also forgot about those 'z' updates too, and what to do with them I really should write down all this info before I forget. I tend to only make one updated iso every 6-12 months and find myself wondering about the same questions.
  14. Hello, I have a few questions when I download the files from wud, it makes individual folders for each category. For example: Updates, IE Updates, Additional Updates (optional) etc. Can I just take all those files and just put them in a single folder? Also, is there a 'correct' order of adding these files to wintoolkit, or is wintoolkit smart enough to auto arrange them if there are any prerequisites?
  15. so between all these 3 versions, which one is closest to version 1.5x? for example, does pro offer more than what 1.5x can do? I'm not really sure which one is good enough for me, all i know is i am happy with what i can do with 1.5x
  16. Just now I made a post, and included a copy/pasted link. after the link I wrote another sentence. After I submitted the post, all the text that came after the link was missing. If I try to edit my post, all the missing text behind the link is shown (as in screenshot here) http://i.imgur.com/pEu8w6L.jpg however, as you can see in the post, none of the text behind the link is being shown in the actual post http://i.imgur.com/tXF3bAp.jpg well thats strange. I edited my post another time a few minutes later, and now all the text is showing up in my post. Could this possibly be a firefox issue? I'm using version 38.0.1
  17. what about ImDisk? its open source http://www.ltr-data.se/opencode.html/#ImDisk or is this something different? there was a discussion about trying to incorporate it into wtk, but I'm not sure if it ever worked or not
  18. turning off auto update isn't an ideal solution. there are multitude of options in wintoolkit to make tweaks etc. I assume a lot of those are reg files. if that isn't possible, then seems like there should be a way to modify the file to block/disable the nag. i know of at least one other tweak in wintoolkit that uses a modified file, maybe there are more, but i don't really know.
  19. just read about it, don't really know too much about it. but one thing i do know is i don't like companies nagging/pushing stuff. here is the article http://www.computerworld.com/article/2906810/microsoft-seeds-windows-7-81-pcs-with-windows-10-upgrade-nag-notices.html
  20. I don't have a suggestion, but a question about something. Recently microsoft said that windows 10 would be a free upgrade for windows 7/8 users. I'm wondering how would that work with win toolkit? Would someone just be able to plug in their win7 key for a win10 image? Something tells me it would not be that simple
  21. Just announced today. But the catch is, you must upgrade within a year of windows 10 release, otherwise it will not be free. I wonder how this will effect people making custom windows builds who have upgraded? For example, if I have a legit win7 key, then do the upgrade, how will I be able to continue making new windows 10 builds?
  22. I have a request for MPC-HC http://mpc-hc.org/
  23. is there a way to spoof microsoft update into thinking the language packs are already present? reason why i'm asking is b/c i used .net slim and later when i ran windows update it said i needed to download .net 4.5.1 kb2858725. i looked online and i think that has something to do with language packs?
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