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Branding your Windows Vista Computer


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The guide!

1.If there is an existing Manufacturer's Information to your Computer or nothing at all, here's a simple guide to add/create your own System Information Logo and Information.

a) The Manual Way, Customizing OEM Logo in Windows Vista

B) Using WinBubble, you can add or edit the Logo and Support information easily. Just create a bitmap Logo and input the necessary information.


That's it...In just two clicks!

"Control Panel\Performance Information and Tools" Window


To access: Type "Performance In" to the Start menu Search and press Enter or in the Control Panel\System Window, click the "Windows Experience Index" link.

"Control Panel\System" Window


To Open: Right-Click the Computer Icon and click the Properties Menu or Just Press the Windows+Pause Button at once.

You can also use WinGuggle to change these settings easily.

2.Customize the Welcome Screen: From the picture above, you will notice that I changed the Computer's Logo and added "UnlockForUs" text. Here's the guide:

a) To change the Computer's Logo: Use WinBubble or just Right-Click the Desktop->Personalize. On the Top-Left corner, Click the link "Change desktop icons".

B) To edit the Welcome screen Top-Bar: Open the Windows explorer and Go to "C:\Windows\System32\oobe". If you're computer is DELL, you will see the file "DELL_BAR.png". For simple and easy editing, use Paint.Net.

c) If the file doesn't exist: Create your own BANNER and Go to C:\Windows\System32\oobe\INFO, Remove the Read-only property of the file "OOBE.XML", Open the file in the WORDPAD as Administrator (HOW? Type "Wordpad" in the StartMenu Search, Right-Click->Run as Administrator), and simply edit the path. That's it!



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