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Saving and loading feed lists in IE7 using OPML


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One question we get asked occasionally is:

How do I back up my feed list?

Well, it turns out that there is a standard way to save a feed list in a single file for backup or other purposes. It's called OPML, and IE7 supports importing and exporting feed lists via OPML.

Here is the step-by-step process for backing up your feed list to an OPML file in IE7:

Click on the Add button (the star and plus button next to the Favorites Center button -- Alt-Z is the keyboard shortcut).

Click on Import and Export in the menu.

In the wizard, select Export Feeds from the list of options and click Next.

Select where you'd like the file to be put (by default, it's called feeds.opml, in your Documents folder)

Finish up the wizard.

The OPML file generated will contain your entire feedlist, including any folders you may have created. Simply repeat the process (selecting Import Feeds) to restore a feed list.

As I noted above, OPML is the standard way to save a feed list, and it's supported by pretty much every aggregator out there. You can use the steps above to save your feed list to use in another aggregator or to import a feed list created by another aggregator.

Since IE7 uses the RSS platform, you can also use this technique to import or export lists of feeds from and to any application that uses the RSS platform.

Microsoft Team RSS Blog

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