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My Idea for Mozilla


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A while ago I came across AOL Desktop, it looked good in most parts and had some good features, but it had many downsides; 1. Built on Internet Explorer and 2. The whole program is just advertising for AOL products.


If this had been made and branded as Netscape Desktop it would have much better. This gave me an idea instead of having four or five separate product lines why not have one Internet Suite that has all the benefits of all Mozilla products in one smaller package. It would make a lot of sense, for example it would prevent competition between Firefox and SeaMonkey. Below is a short list of other benifets: -

@ Easier and faster to develop, not as many of Mozilla resources would be consumed due to more people working together on bits of the suite that would overlap.

@ Easier to update, saves having to deliver one fix to each Mozilla product that has a vulnerability.

@ Bundling software will boost Mozilla market share faster because someone may not want to download another Browser, Email Client, IM, etc. If they already have them downloaded when they got one its more likely they'd use it.

@ Good opportunity to strengthen the relationship with Google, more of the search engines could be Google related like having Google Maps and YouTube installed by default. I'll go into more detail about this later.

@ Easier for people to develop Add-ons for just one program instead of five!

@ Better integration of all Mozilla technologies, a source of revenue for Mozilla could be that Google could pay to have software like Google Gears bundled into the suite.

@ And lots lots more!

Now I've taken a picture from AOl desktop and modified it with some ideas about what could be down and how Google could be integrated.


Reply with your thoughts.

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