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BSPlayer v2.27 build 959





BSPlayer' was once one of the best video players. However, from version 1.38 onwards, it comes bundled with WhenUSave. WhenUSave is an Adware application that is detected and removed by many antiviruses. I would like to evaluate BSPlayer for a couple of days, without having to install Adware on my computer.

BSPlayer supports a long list of video formats and the aspect ratio for each movie can be customized. BSPlayer also has a useful pan feature, which enables you to make movies fit on your screen. It features internal support for displaying subtitles. This means that you won't have to display subtitles over the movie.

Among other things, BSPlayer supports capturing movie frames, changing color levels, displaying on-screen information, and so on. It's possible to set command line options or a custom playback rate. I mostly like that the user interface is skinnable. Many skins are available on the publisher's website free.

Pluses: BSPlayer supports playing video DVDs, audio CDs, and radio streams. It can even playback Internet TV stations. The program features an integrated media library. When you first start the program, you can scan all your drives to find multimedia content and add it to the library.

Drawbacks / flaws: The major drawback in the free version of this software is that you must install WhenUSave in order to use it. I think that's enough to make most users unwilling to install the program

In conclusion: Previous versions of this player were very popular. Since version 1.38, BSPlayer has lost the appreciation of many users including myself.

version reviewed: 2.11 build 940

BSPlayer Publisher's Description

BSplayer is windows player for playing back avi/asf/mpeg video files. It can also display subtitles. Also available are different skins for this player. Please note that this is a general multimedia player for playing back AVI files.

Different AVI files may be encoded with different "codecs" (compressors and decompressors ; COders and DECoders), so by having an AVI player does mean you can play every single AVI file in the world (you`ll need to separately download and install the codec for the AVI file as well).


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