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Post your personal funny Tech Support issues.


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I am sure everyone has a few. Unfortunately, I have a bad memory, so out of the hundreds only one stands out at the moment.

I had a caller one time call me for a issue on a number that was on the website for a Support Tech company I worked for.

The caller said the number posted on our website was incorrect. So I asked him what happened when he dialed the number, he said it justed beep after he dialed the number. So I asked what number he dialed and he said (123)456-7891 seven times without hanging up. I asked him why he did that and he said because there was a x7 at the end of the number. luckily I had a mute button, because I was ROFLMAO.

I have also had people who did not know what a start button was, what a browser was etc.

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