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Server 2003 - right click crashes network

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Hi, I am runing a small domain at home, XPSP2 Pro clients, Server 2003 standard server.

The problem I have is this; twice so far I have been browsing the files on the server from the client, I have right clicked with the mouse and locked up the server's network access. Once this has happened, the server will not respond to pings from the client, although if i swap onto my kvm, I can access and use the server locally.

I think I may have disabled WFP during setup; could this be causing the issue, or is it something else?

HDD on server is a RAID1 Array, with shadow copy running. Gigabit nic's, plenty of ram both ends.

Please post back with any ideas on what may be causing this, or if you need any more info.



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