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It goes without saying that it is essential to backup.... but let me say it again here "BACKUP!" ..... sorry for shouting :D

I have so much painful experience of my own, of suddenly without warning, losing system information and a productive setup through failing to make a regular backup and I know I ought to know better. I do backup regularly now, but it has cost me some pain to get to the regular backup without fail stage. You can avoid the pain by backing up often.

In this back up guide I show you how easy it is to make use of Windows Backup, the backup software that is supplied free with Windows XP. If you are interested in checking out more sophisticated freeware and open source backup software then try the HsInlin BackUp page for great free Backup Software.

Backing Up with Windows Backup

Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Backup and the Windows Backup Software will start in Wizard mode. If you choose advanced mode you are offered a choice of what to back up - everything, selected files, or only system data. Choose a destination for your backup, which can be a CD or DVD drive or an external drive. Give the backup job a name, it can be useful to change the default name that Windows allocates the backup job to help you to identify it later. Then it is just a matter of letting the Windows backup software run and do its job.

When the backup is complete you will see a dialog box onscreen. This gives you information about the backup just completed.

All done! It is good practice if you can, to store a backup away from your machine to give protection in the event of fire, flood or theft, for instance. If you have a backup of your data stored elsewhere you can replace the hardware you have lost, reinstall the most recent backup and you are back to work and productivity.

Free Backup Software, Free Back Up Software for Windows

  • TaskZip FREE BackUP Software
  • EZBack-it-up Free Back Up Software
  • SyncBack Free BackUp Software
  • IceMirror Free BackUp Software
  • Version Backup Free
  • Freebyte Backup, Free, powerful and easy free backup program
  • Back4Win Freeware Backup Software
  • MOB, My Own Backup (FreeWare)
  • Workgroup Free Backup
  • Simply Safe Free Backup
  • Cobian Backup Free
  • DeepBurner CD and DVD Burning Package Free
  • Free Back up Utility in XP Home Edition
  • Outlook Express Quick Backup (OEQB) FREE
  • DVD Decrypter
  • Allway Sync free file and folder synchronizer
  • Rescue Wizard Free
  • RTools Free Back Up Utility
  • Keep-It FREEWARE BackUp Software
  • ERUNT Free Registry Backup and Restore for Windows
  • Whisper 32 Back Up Passwords FREE
  • Back it up! Freeware Back Up Software
  • DriveImage XML Image and Backup logical Drives and Partitions

I hope that you find it useful in any how ...! ^_^

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