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  1. Hi What is the tool to download the hot fixes updates manually in order to slip streamed it in windows 10 or not supported?
  2. Really sad to see nice places like wincert is being so. I am an old member for MSFN and wincert since 2006. Old friends like ricktendo N1K Kelsenellenelvian Tarun Really a lot of nice people from old days
  3. Hello Please if any one here used http://www.jaguarpc.com VPS managed hosting to advise to go with them or not?
  4. Hello my friend N1kYou tried them before? And you think they are that professional to depend on the for a production website? Also if you know or can suggest of a reliable hosting provider (un managed) that would be awesome
  5. Hello It has been a long while since last time I was here Please I am starting a new project which will be hosted on a VPS using Linux Please I am asking if any one here may help me to setup the VPS using CentOS 6 and secure the vps as possible to be as much secured as possible. Thanks a lot Mohamed
  6. Linux is more than a hip buzzword in computing. It is more than the latest fad. It was modeled on the Unix operating system first developed by Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson at AT&T. Unix was developed to run the largest network in world, the AT&T telephone system, and it did. The Unix operating system was designed to be scalable, reliable, modular, secure and portable with network extensibility. The development of Unix eventually led to the POSIX standard which defines much of the Linux architecture. Unlike many single user desktop console based operating systems, Linux is a multi-u
  7. htaccess SEO and Security Tips - Denying public access to administrative and private folders This is one of the most important .htaccess security syntaxes. You can use this, for example, if you have an administrative folder in your website for which you are the only person that should access to it (like /wp-admin/ folder in WordPress). If you make your administrative folders publicly accessible, it increases risk of hacking attacks, such as brute forcing login pages. Thus, it is important to secure these types of folders. Using .htaccess, you can execute something like this: HTACCESS SYNT
  8. htaccess SEO and Security Tips This is a beginner's guide to htaccess. It is meant to introduce this configuration file and its useful implementations in website management. .htaccess is a server configuration file commonly found in Apache, Zeus and Sun Java System web servers. It provides a lot of applications with implications for website security and search engine optimization. You cannot find or use .htaccess in Microsoft-based IIS servers and non-Apache-based servers.To create and upload an htaccess file: 1. Open any text editor (such as geditor in Ubuntu or notepad in Windows). 2
  9. Internet Cafe Security Tips - Prevent KeyLoggers from Accessing Your Password Keyloggers are malicious programs that watch what you are typing or doing. Suppose you are using Locknote in an Internet cafe; keyloggers might be recording your password as you type it. Some keyloggers are capable of doing screen shots, hooking up with Windows API (to retrieve user information) or even capturing clipboard data. So a classic copy-paste or using Microsoft's on screen keyboard does not offer much protection. Or much worse, some Internet caf
  10. Internet Cafe Security Tips The majority of Internet cafes worldwide use Windows-based operating systems, which are subject to massive malware/virus and security-related attacks. Still, many users are not fully aware of the danger of surfing the web in an Internet cafe. This article will explain the dangers, and show you how to surf the Internet safely from an Internet cafe. There are two basic dangers that one must be aware of when using an Internet cafe. First, lots of these Internet cafes do not offer much protection in the way of user privacy. This means they have inadequate firew
  11. Hello old friend, how are you doing Actually many ... For example some for various internet based applications, some for programing and some other frequently used applications.
  12. Hello every body It was a long while since last time I was here Wondering where can I post various tutorials? I was not able to find a suitable forum.
  13. You'll need Resource Hacker to modify these files. So here is a list of various system files in Windows 7 which can be easily hacked using Resource Hacker: Approx. all Windows 7 system icons -> %windir%\System32\imageres.dll Login Screen Background -> %windir%\System32\imageres.dll Login Screen image resources -> %windir%\System32\authui.dll Startup Sound -> %windir%\System32\imageres.dll Start ORB images -> %windir%\Explorer.exe -> Bitmap -> 6801 - 6812 Windows Version Image in "About Windows" dialog box -> %windir%\Branding\Basebrd\basebrd.dll Windows Version Image
  14. Hello Rick Please I've tried to install this today but found many dll files missing Any new vesions that contains a full package!?
  15. Thanks mate. I think I will add-on then and drop slip streaming.
  16. Thanks for replying mate ... I hope if he may be able to let it be integrate-able the same way it does with IE7. But please let me ask if there are any main differences between Add-on and Direct slip streaming except the way it is being installed.
  17. Well It seems that add-on is the only way to go then :sad01_anim:
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